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Personalized iPad Cases for your corporation.

Stand out from the crowd and create your very own iPad case. We can design your iPad case from scratch. Choose the outside cover from a wide choice of materials: fabric, leather, linen, pleather or vinyl. Coordinate the inside cover and the housing case in your favorite colors. Complete the outside design by choosing the elastic band color, and add a monogram or message for a personalized finishing touch. With an infinite range of choices, let your imagination guide you in creating your one of a kind iPad case style that is uniquely you.

Toogood Cases offers a wide selection of protective covers and cases for the iPad family, exclusively styled by our design team and handmade by our expert binders using environmentally aware recycled materials. Our iPad binder-type covers provide front and back protection, non-slip rubber edges for safe hands-free use, optimal viewing from all angles, and built-in intelligent on/off sleep mode control in the cover.

Every iPad case we produce is a reflection of your image and style.

Our team focuses on your goals to offer you the best solution for your distinctive branding products.

Our manufacturing expertise is backed up by the most modern production methods that can cover all your binding needs and keep your image on the front page.

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Exclusive customization options for our Custom iPad Cases.

Put your company ahead of the rest with our customization options that take into account your brand specs and your company’s distinctive identity.
Toogood Cases offers exclusive customization options to provide you with a unique case. Every item can be personalized with the name and department of each employee, a signature monogram and your logo.

Customized iPad cases in your company colors

Our customized iPad cases are the perfect way to reward your team, commemorate an event or show your appreciation of a colleague or a client.

Not only will they give your company brand increased exposure at little cost, but the beauty and durability of Toogood cases will leave a lasting impression.

We can help you create your own unique signature with a handmade case, manufactured by our expert binders in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, engraving, monogram, and message options, as well as showcase your company logo.

Personalize your custom iPad cases inside out

Personalization options apply to every part of the case: inside, outside, tablet casing, and elastic webbing.

Choose from a wide range of coverings: fabric, leather, pleather, leatherette, linen, and more.

And to give your case that exclusive, finishing touch, Toogood Cases offers several print and silk-screen choices in an array of colors to make sure your case is covered distinctively.

We offer the same options to associations, schools, and other types of organizations. With limitless possibilities for customization to meet your specific needs, your brand will stand out in any gathering.

We’re here to make your case!

No project is too big or too small. We work with you to design the best, customized case to make sure your brand creates a lasting impression.

Our design team knows how to use the power of an idea to increase a brand’s impact thanks to its creative customization expertise.

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we relish the opportunity to help you reach the result that will give your customized cases maximum impact.

How we make your case:

  • Client approval of digital product image before the production run
  • Dedicated sales team on hand to assist clients throughout the process
  • Creative design team and skilled workmanship
  • Short production delay
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