Protects with Style

Toogood Cases offers you the protection your iPad deserves.
Our high-end cases match the sleek design, weight, and dimensions of your iPad, and, best of all, they’re sure to reflect your style too!


All Toogood Cases are not only designed for optimized tablet use, but also provide unsurpassed style and superior resistance thanks to the high density polymer casing.
Our cases guarantee easy access to all the ports and connections you use, including your speaker, headset, camera, and charging ports.


High-Density Elastic Webbing

We use only high-density elastic webbing to make sure your cover stays in place whether it’s open or closed.

Polymer Casing

High density polymer casing for extra protection. Impact resistant, offers optimal protection for your tablet. Choose from a wide selection of colors that will perfectly match your brand.


Polymer Clip Corners

All Toogood Cases have integrated polymer clip corners built in to the casing to hold your iPad securely in place.

Automatic sleep mode

When you close your case, your iPad goes into an automatic sleep mode and wakes up as soon as you open your case.
With Toogood Cases, your iPad is always ready for action!


Camera ready

Our cases provide a special opening for your iPad camera lens so that you can start snapping your favorite pictures whenever and wherever, without having to take your iPad out of its case.
Not just convenient – smart!

Don’t Miss a Beat

Not only does our polymer case have an exclusive design that projects the sound toward the front of the case for better listening, our case also functions as an enhanced sound box for all music lovers at no extra cost.


Magnetic Pen Holder*

It’s the perfect place to have your stylus always handy.
Navigate or take notes when you want, and then store the pen in the handy magnetic compartment, built right into your case.

Intuitive Magnetic Support*

With our Toogood Cases intuitive magnetic support™, you can add to the versatility of its two standard viewing angles by transforming your case into an easel.
With our exclusive intuitive magnetic support™, you will be able to use your tablet hands-free in the landscape view, without compromising your viewing angle, comfort or security.



Toogood Cases proves you can be stylish without harming the environment!
Our Italian handmade leather is crafted from 100% recycled cowhide leather fibers, and the cases are made from 100% recycled cardboard.