1 Polymer Casing – Impact resistant case increases the tablet’s protection

2 Protection – Polymer clip corners and casing for improved stability and support

3 Security – Double fastening system holds the tablet securely in place

4 Energy Saver – Automatic sleep/wake mode when cover is opened and closed

5 Customization – Option of having a logo, crest and names embossed on the case

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6 Outside cover – Made of premium quality vegan leather

7 Inside/outside cover – Wide selection of colors to choose from

8 Intelligent – The magnetic support easily converts the case into a stand

9 Cover with Magnetic Closer – Making sure the cover stays in place when open and closed

10 Functional – All Toogood Cases are not only designed for optimized use of the tablet, but also provide easy access to all the ports and connections

Available for All iPad Models including the NEW iPad 2018 (6th Gen.).

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MIL-STD-810G 517.7

Toogood Cases passed the CRIQ lab drop certification test. This testing confirms that Toogood Cases is MIL-STD-810G 517.7 compliant.

To achieve this certification, tablet equipped cases are dropped 26 times on each face, corner and angle. All from a height of 48”. The tablet must properly function after each drop and not sustain any damage to the screen.

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Designed to ensure your tablet benefits from a maximum protection.


100% customizable inside-out.


Our cases are tested to withstand extreme temperatures up to -30 celsius.


Our cases are Designed to enhance your tablet’s functionality.


Our cases help you save energy and battery life


Made with 100% VEGAN leather, thus excluding any animal product.

What K-12 say about our cases…

  • This is the strongest case that we have seen so far and the look is very impressive.

    Luc Plante School Principal, Collège d’Anjou
  • It’s a great product, but mostly, it’s a local product that resists shocks. This is a case that fits to our image. When we have it in our hands, the word that comes to my mind is: Wow!

    Anne-Marie Poirier Director of the Educational services, Collège de Montréal
  • One of my teachers left his iPad on the hood of his car and drove away forgetting it there. The iPad flew off the hood at 50 km/h. Another teacher who was following him reclaimed the iPad from the pavement. The case is damaged, the iPad has nothing! You can say that your case is solid.

    Pierre Lantier School Principal, École secondaire Mont-Saint-Sacrement
  • Toogood Cases fits perfectly with the educational field. This is a solid product that is locally made. Last year, with 200 iPads, none of them broke thanks to Toogood Cases.

    Julie Gauvin Assistant director of the educational services and innovation, Collège Saint-Paul
  • Toogood Cases offers a rugged iPad case. When a student puts his iPad in a Toogood Case, we know that the device is safe, we know it will be well protected.

    Roxane Saumier Director of the Educational services, Collège Nouvelles Frontières
  • This is the best iPad Case I have ever seen! There are many benefits for the educational sector: the protection that it offers, the ergonomic disposition, the automatic standby and also the product’s durability.

    Guy Paquin IT Coordonator, Collège Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption
  • We had no broken iPads this year, we love this case! Toogood Cases is a very durable, safe and solid case for iPads! The customer service is impeccable, the interaction between the company and us is very positive.

    Philippe Bertrand Director of the students from secondary 1st to 3th , Collège Bourget

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